Primoshop featuring exclusive environmental products like the Masi Polar Plus ergonomic Snow Pusher Shovel from Finland

Welcome to the World Primo Shop featuring exclusive environmental products from around the world including the Masi Polar Plus Snow Pusher Shovel from Rauma Finland. Over 1 Million sold worldwide made with Finnish Snow-How and indestructible quality and design. Remove snow 60- 70 percent  faster with no lifting and no back strain. The Nordic ergonomic scoop can remove 22 inches of snow with ease of use and  efficiency.

Best Snow shovel in the world with over 1 million sold

No pain no strain since there is no lifting, adjustable and ergonomic design
Industrial design and manufactured in Finland
Generous size scoop made for Nordic snow conditions.
Can be used year round for summer, spring and fall home gardens and lawns.
Last for years with Finnish industrial design
Save your back.



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