Finnhook - Trigger Point Massage Tool

$ 50.00

The Finnhook has been developed after years of practical experience. The results have been very postive. The Acute hook has been developed for everyone who suffers from neck pains, shoulder pains or back pains. The Finhook is of birch plywood and is a simple and effective release of muscle tension. It is a Scandinavian innovation. the Finnhook is an excellent method to relieve computer related muscle pains. The finnhook  easily massages acupuncture and reflexology points .

About the Product
  • Accupressure self-massager for treatment of muscle aches & pain
  • Treat sore and tight muscles in hard-to-reach areas
  • Useful for trigger point massage therapy
  • Sturdy yet lightweight, quality birch wood construction

The Finnhook is made of Finnish birch plywood and is a simple and effective release of muscle-tension.

The Finnhook has generated  alot of excellent recommendations since the Acute hook has goven relief from many problems.FinnHook is a versatile, ergonomic, and easy-to-use wellness product that provides the benefits of massage, acupressure and trigger point therapy all in one.

Using Finn Hook improves lymph and blood circulation and stretches muscles. FinnHooks 10 ways to ease muscle tensions away from your body even while you are watching TV.

Get your own FinnHook now and Hook the pain away!

The Finnhook gives releif from headaches, shoulder pains, back and arm pains, lumbargo and leg and foot pains.

I recently bought one of these and oh my how good it felt when I got to massage the painful muscle tensions. With this I got my “lungs sore”, by that I mean when the tension in my back muscles eased the tensions transferred inwards.