Masi Snow Max Ergonomic Adjustable Durable Snow Pusher Shovel Scoop

$ 128.95

Over 1.3 million sold worldwide made with he finest Finnish Snow-How and indestructible quality and design. Remove snow 60- 75 percent  faster with no lifting and no back strain. The Nordic ergonomic scoop can remove 26 inches of snow with ease of use and  efficiency. Save your back and get a 8 year ROI with cutting edge Finnish Snow How. 100% customer satisfaction. As a recent customer from Wisconsin says "an amazing tool". The Masi Polar Plus snow shovel is ideal for pushing and shoveling snow off driveways, sidewalks, and paths quickly and easily.

Masi Iso Talkkari -lumikola - Masitools

Masi snow blades are manufactured in Finland, at the Rauma plant.
All Masi snowpushers have been awarded the original Key Flag badge.
Masi snow tools show an investment in continuous product development,
good materials and high-quality work.

Masi Snow Max

EAN CODE 6417511400108

An agile cola that is handy to handle and easy to carry. The cola is made to withstand harsh handling and frost . Thick, ergonomic  curved handle allows a good workstations non. The spacious and very sliding hood and the steel tip reinforcement make it easier to crash with protective snow.

Masi Snow Max is in a class of its own in terms of quality and features. Patented double-strength backboard reinforcement. The 75 cm wide HDPE plastic hood is suitably sized and efficient. Frost-resistant HDPE plastic slips and lasts. The tip has 1.5 mm steel reinforcement. The 25 mm thick ergo handle gives a comfortable grip and it is easier to cross the bench. Carrying handle on the back of the hood.