Masi Polar plus+ Ergonomic Adjustable Durable Efficient Snow Pusher Shovel

With the most extensive range of snow clearance tools on the market, Masi selection provides the right solution for all snow clearance problems, for both professionals and home-owners. For over 34 years Masi has been a pioneer in making snow clearance a chore to enjoy. Masi products are known for the high Finnish quality and product development. They are designed for the severe winter conditions in Finland. The high quality has also made Masi products winners in several tests with proven international commercial applications. Reduce fatigue on the back since there is no lifting or straining.


Welcome to the World Primo Shop featuring exclusive environmental products from around the world including the Masi Nova Max Ergonomic Snow Pusher Shovel manufactured Finland. Over 1 Million sold worldwide made with Finnish Snow-How and indestructible quality and design. Remove snow 60- 70 percent  faster with no lifting and no back strain. The Nordic ergonomic scoop can remove 26 inches of snow with ease of use and  efficiency. Save your back and get a 7 year ROI with cutting edge Finnish Snow How. 100% customer satisfaction. As a recent customer from Wisconsin says "an amazing tool" . The Masi Nova Max snow shovel is ideal for pushing and shoveling snow off driveways, sidewalks, and paths quickly and easily.

Best Sleigh Snow shovel pusher in the world with over 1 million sold made with Finnish Snow How!

Making  snow removal easier, safer, cost effective   and more efficient with snow tools that are as ergonomic as they are durable.

No pain no strain since there is no lifting, adjustable and ergonomic design
Industrial design and manufactured in Finland
Generous size scoop made for Nordic snow conditions.
Can be used year round for summer, spring and fall home gardens and lawns.
Last for years with Finnish industrial design with 8 year ROI
Save your back.
Nordic pusher design greatly reduces the risk of back and heart injuries associated with snow shoveling: Save your Back with 100% Customer Satisfaction!
Masi is an all-year-round snow remvoal tool that lasts for years on end
•Ideal for pushing and shoveling snow off driveways, sidewalks, walkways and other paths
The design of the Masi Nova Max snow shovel  has been considered to the finest detail.It has been made for heavy use due to the hollow core structure. Masi Nova Max  snow scoop is incredibly light, solid and very  durable. The 35 inch scoop is made using the air Mold method and the handle is of Finnish 22-mm steel pipe having internal reinforcement and a cutting edge for sharp and precise snow removal.

 I purchased a Masi polar plus snow shovel this year 2017… I lov e , love, love this shovel…. I highly recommend. In fact, i talk about my shovel so much at work… Really truly – it is better than a snow blower… Just excellent Gwen, Detroit Michigan January 2019


Masi Polar Plus -snow pusher ergonomic, adjustable, efficient durable shovel made in Finland with Finnish Snow-how!! The amazing snow tool.

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6 417 511 400 054

NOVELTY 2017! Handle with stepless adjustment – suitable for both tall and short users. Top part of handle is ergonomically formed, sturdy Finnish design. Generous size – scoop width and volume designed for Nordic conditions. The scoop is made of easy-sliding and durable HDPE material. Packed in a compact carton for easy transport, a Finnish product with an international patent.

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