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Masi's Wintery Tale

The journey of Masi snow shovels  began in Rauma, Finland, more than three decades ago, and Masi is still going strong and growing around the globe.

The founder of the company, Teuvo Sallinen, had the design for a snow pusher made of polyethene in his desk drawer for a couple of year before the suitable partners were found and the first Masi snow pushers were manufactured in 1982. Our company was already using HDPE plastic in the other products we manufactured, such as mudguards for tractors. The material was known to be easy gliding and cold resistant up to the temperature of -40 ºC (-40 ºF).

The new product was launched successfully and already in the 1980s, in Finland, the "light, durable and easy gliding" Masi snow pusher shovels superseded its competitors made of reinforced plastic or steel sheet. Also our competitors began to use this tried and true material. But Masi moved on and, alongside the basic Masi 80 snow pusher, we developed a larger Pro model with a shaving edge as well as a smaller Masi 60 model. Updated versions of all these models are still included in our selection. 

In the early 1990s, the Masi product selection was broadened from snow pushers to long-handled products i.e. snow shovels and pusher shovels. At the same time we really began to conquer the Swedish market.

In 1996, we sold the 200,000th Masi snow pusher. It was Masi Nova, a novelty product, with the plastic components made with gas–assisted injection molding. This was the first product we designed with computers in a 3D environment. It was also the first one of our products to have an international patent. Nowadays, all our products are 3D-modeled by our dedicated team of professional designers. We have international product protection for our own product ideas and those acquired from our external inventors. 

In the early 2000s, we developed new assembly technology for manufacturing the Masi snow pusher handle. We began manufacturing the handle of larger 22 mm pipe instead of the formerly used 19 mm pipe to make it more comfortable to hold. The new technology improved manufacturing speed and made surface treatment more environmentally friendly. Even after the reform, Masi snow pushers are still known for having a reinforcement pipe inside the handle.

In 2002, Motoseal headquarters and component manufacturing were moved into new premises on Isometsäntie, in Susivuori, Rauma. Masi product assembly and logistics were centralized in the earlier facilities on Hakunintie. The eight premises in the area nearby that were rented for manufacturing purposes became obsolete when all assembly was placed in one facility.

In the autumn of 2005, we launched the affordable Masi Light in the segment of low-priced consumer products. Masi's 25th anniversary was celebrated in the autumn of 2007.

In February 2012, the millionth Masi snow tool was sold. The following autumn we launched two patented novelties: Masi Swing snow scraper and Masi Polar Plus snow pusher with steplessly adjustable handle.

In the autumn of 2015, the new dashing shovels and pushers of the Polar AL series enhanced our position as one of the leading snow tool suppliers in the Nordic countries.

We are ever more focused on using Finnish knowhow in our supply chain and all major Masi products are entitled to carry the Key Flag Symbol of the Association for Finnish Work.

Motoseal Components Oy, the developer, manufacturer and supplier of Masi products, is the only snow tool manufacturer with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification for quality and environmental management.

In addition to Finland, Masi products are sold on a regular basis in Sweden, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, France  and the United States at

Medical March 05, 2015 14:10

02/01/2010: A Medical Miracle For Me!
In the middle of summer 2007 I started a research program for something that would help me deal with snow removal and eventually came across internet  and this marvelous European snow shovel, the Masi Polar Plus snow pusher. . I live in northern Indiana and knew what was coming & also knew I couldn't make it through another winter with my back & shoulder problems. It arrived quickly in September & for the first time in many years I couldn't wait for it to snow. When it finally did, I went out & did 2 parking spaces, my sidewalk (I have 2 lots), my 2 neighbors sidewalks (they have a total of 5 lots)plus my yard for my dog & I did all of that in 20 minutes and on top of my physical problems, I'm a 65 year old female.
That following spring my son had major back surgery & could no longer bend or lift so I bought him a Eurorpean snow shovel for this past Christmas. He was afraid of it at first because he didn't think he could handle it. Needless to say, he was astonished at how much easier it was for him to do his sidewalks. This shovel  has been a medical Miracle for both of us!
My only complaint is that I have no where to store it so I have to bring it inside every time I use it because I just know someone would steal it if I left it outside!
Thanks for a great product!!!