Masi Polar Plus snow pusher shovels made in Rauma , Finland- industrial quality

 The MASI Polar Plus  snow pusher is an absolutely ingenious design that is both practical, beautiful and ergonomically correct made with Finnish Snow- how from Rauma, Finland.., over 1 million sold worldwide.

         Now, maybe you never heard of Rauma, but like others, have heard of Trauma, when your back goes out after shoveling around the cargo shed or around the house.
     Just remember before the world got hooked up on cellphones, few people had heard of a great Finnish river called the Nokia.
     What a great idea for cargo and passenger applications in snowy climes, where a bit of whisking away the snow by shovel can lead to sore backs and worker’s comp.
     MASI Nova weighs only a couple pounds, cuts nearly a 3 foot swath in the snow and is not lifted but “pushed” along.
     Construction is hollow-core with sturdy back and sides plus a beveled tipped leading edge.
     MASI Polar Plus ergonomic  patented construction is remarkable considering customers get years of use because of the high quality Finnish manufacturing an construction. .
     The pusher can even clear the snow pile up on your front lawn if you can’t wait for spring to see the crocuses.
     Marketed in the U.S. (and anywhere else that you might like to have a pusher delivered) by Robert Seawick  ,Worldprimoshop, 9736524219
     “You really don’t need a two-cycle snow blower which may or may not start and pollutes everything.
     “Even a child can move a remarkable amount of snow with MASI Nova.
     “For commercial use, MASI Nova gets into places rampside and truckside that blowers and shovels barely affect. Storage is a breeze—the entire unit hangs up on a nail.”
     More information:,worldPrimoshop.,, 9736524219 
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