Best Snow shovel, over 1 million sold around the Globe November 13, 2017 13:36

Masi Polar Plus Ergonmic, Adjustable, durable  -snow pusher Shovel

Make digging and removing snow easier and more efficient with tools that are as ergonomic as they are durable.

By popular demand, is shipping the award wining Masi Polar Plus Snow pushers for customers in the United States and Canada. We have never had a return and we get many orders from repeat business and excellent word of mouth advertising. Save you back, shovel the snow 50-70% faster and get a 8 year ROI. over 1 miliion sold  around the world with Finnish Snow- How- Best snow shovel in the world!!

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6 417 511 400 054

NOVELTY 2017! Handle with stepless adjustment – suitable for both tall and short users. Top part of handle is ergonomically formed, sturdy Finnish design. Generous size – scoop width and volume designed for Nordic conditions. The scoop is made of easy-sliding and durable HDPE material. Packed in a compact carton for easy transport, a Finnish product with an international patent.

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